Joseph Christiaens (1882-1919) Belgique

Pilote sur biplan Farman n37 et biplan Voisin n 11 la 2me semaine aronautique de Champagne 1910

Engineer - Racing driver - Aviator -

Son of a prosperous Belgian family, Joseph Christiaens after studying engineering, began his adventures with the new machines which at the turn of the century were turning young people heads all over the world.

1908 May 30th, he sees M. Farman flying on a biplane built by the Voisin brothers in Gand.

1910 March, J. Christiaens is at Camp de Chalons, where he learns to fly on a Farman plane with Go Chavez.
April 12th, he is registered with licence N7. He is one of the 11 pilots registered at the Belgian Aro-Club.
Juillet, 3rd to 17th at the 2nd Grande Semaine de Reims, he is registered as n37 with a Farman plane, Gnome engine. (He appears on a post card during this contest, as the passenger on an Antoinette biplane, piloted by Latham.)

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